We’re proud to be certified technicians of GEL & GO Nails.

Designed to be customisable GEL & GO can be used with just two layers of colour, applied directly to the natural nail for an express gel mani that will last up to 14 Days. Additionally, you can mix & match with a base and/or top coat for additional strength & protection for longer-lasting colour depending on your client’s nail needs.

This unique gel formula has a high shine, no-wipe finish that can be soaked off and layered on top of builder gels or acrylic when extra strength is needed. The curved brush makes for precise & easy application.

Gel and Go Coloured Nails Macclesfield
Gel and Go Nail Colour Bottles
GEL & Go Nail Manicure Macclesfield
Gel & Go Nails Macclesfield


GEL & GO have a fantastic range of colours to choose from.

Take a look at the GEL & Go website to find the perfect colour for you.


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